Read Every Word Of This Report...

"Make Copywriting Faster & Easier Than You Ever Imagined"

Uncover The Secret To Writing Ads That Convert Without The Struggle...

Welcome to this special report where you’ll discover how to write high converting copy and ads faster and easier than ever before. But first - a word of WARNING:

What I’m about to share with you flies in the face of everything you’ve been taught about copywriting, marketing, and writing ads that convert. If writing ads is a struggle or feels “hit or miss”... if you’ve ever wasted time thinking about what to say or grasping at straws to create the kind of copy that pulls your prospects closer and practically forces them to buy your product or service…

Know this - It’s Not Your Fault. There’s a process and system for writing copy that converts effortlessly and if you pay close attention to this presentation, I’ll pull back the curtain and expose the TRUTH about Copywriting, Marketing, And Ad Creation.

In this unique training you’ll discover:

The Infinite Folder System That Guarantees No Idea You Uncover, Create, or Compile Will Ever Be Lost Or Forgotten Again… This Fool Proof System Grants You A Super Power Wielded By Only A Precious Few...
How A Chance Email From A Young French Girl Led Me To My Breakthrough Discovery Of This Simple Writing System That Makes Writing High Converting Ads As Beautiful & Predictable As A Florida Sunset...
The “Lego Block” Framework that Makes Writing A Full Blown Sales Page Feel Like Child’s Play - In Fact, One Person I Showed This To Cranked Out A 5,000 Word Sales Letter In 37 Minutes Flat! (What up Gerald?!)
Plus, I’ll Show You EXACTLY Why Copywriting 1.0 is DEAD and What You Need To Do Instead To Make More Sales Of Your Product or Service. If You Miss The Boat On This Then You Are Destined To A Future Of Mediocre Copy & Struggling Conversions.

Why You Should Not
Read This Report

Now, before we dive headlong into the training I want to let you know who this training is FOR and more importantly who it is not for.

This is for you if you're a business owner, freelancer, or copywriter who wants… NO… who needs their ads, sales letters, emails, Facebook Posts, Instagram captions, and on and on it goes... to actually convert and make sales.

In short - if you need your customers, clients, leads or prospects to read your words and take an action -like actually paying you money - then this is the training for you. And even though I know I run the risk of sounding unbelievable… This may be the most important report you read this year.

But don’t worry, I’ll prove that statement to you in this letter and show you EXACTLY how you can triple your writing speed, increase your conversion rates, and completely rid yourself of writer’s block and the blank page for the rest of your life.

Now - just so we’re clear. This presentation is NOT for you if you don’t have an existing business, if you don’t have a product or service that you’re proud of, or if you’re not the kind of person who puts in effort. This is not a get rich quick scheme and it’s not for newbies. If that’s what you’re looking for then please close out of the page now.

Still, here? GREAT! Let’s go!

Why Care What I Have To Say?

Just in case you’re wondering who I am… My name is Mike Giannulis and I’ve been a copywriter, consultant, online marketer and business owner since WAY back in 2006. I’ve been in the game for a long time and I’ve seen all the “gurus” come and go.

Quick random fact about me in case I look familiar at all - I was on the ABC show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition back in 2012 where I lost 255 pounds in one year. It was pretty awesome to inspire so many people and get my health back.

In the business world - I’ve personally launched and built close to ten different 7 figure companies and one 8 figure education business. And yet, despite all my success I’ve struggled with the uncertainty that my next sales letter was gonna suck and everyone would find out the truth - that I don’t know what I’m doing!

Why I Quit Copywriting!

I remember sitting in my spacious office looking over at all my fancy degrees, my associates from little St. Petersburg College to my MBA from Western Governors University and thinking that I had NO idea what I was gonna write about in my next sales letter.

I recall laughing while holding up my Inc 5000 trophy because I had spent all night wallowing in mental and emotional pain trying to come up with a “hook” or unique idea to turn around our Facebook ads that were suddenly TANKING.

My point is I have been there! Both as a paid copywriter delivering results to my clients AND as a business owner with over 100 employees relying on ME to figure out how to sell our products and services.

Frankly, I was sick of it! Every time I had to write a new email, a new Facebook ad, a new blog post, and especially a new sales letter, webinar, or VSL I suffered from writer’s block and nagging doubt in my abilities.

Deep down, I knew I was procrastinating because of fear. Fear of not knowing what to say, fear of wasting all my time writing an ad that didn’t work, fear that my product or even worse - me, myself, wasn’t good enough. I always felt one “copy bomb” away from being outed as a phony.

Then, it finally happened. I QUIT copywriting. I even told one of my business partners James that I HATED copywriting and if it was up to me, I’d never write another sales letter again! I was burned out, fed up, and just sick of the pressure of writing copy that had to convert - or else!

I tried all the tricks and “solutions” that everyone else teaches. Use a template, or try out “power” words. I even spent 6 months hand copying sales letters because I thought it would make me better. Perhaps most expensively, I paid a high-priced copywriting coach more than $25,000 to help me improve and to figure out the “secret” behind why some sales letters worked and others didn’t!

I was at my wit’s end. It seemed like no matter what I tried, every new sales letter project began with me staring at a blank screen wondering what to write first.

Perhaps that’s what led me to being so open minded . I knew there had to be a better way to write copy that didn’t feel like such work. I kept saying to myself that creating a sales letter from scratch shouldn’t feel like moving a mountain!

And then, it happened.

The French Girl Who
Changed My Life...

I was skimming my email - probably avoiding a writing project - when I saw a subject line that caught my eye. It was something about a French girl who writes blog posts and emails almost every single day.

And these weren’t just pump and dump topics. I’m talking about scientific research around neuroscience, learning, and more. The woman’s name was Anne-Laure and I devoured the email and the accompanying podcast episode where she spilled the beans on her “secret” system for being a wordcount badass.

That one interview led me to uncover an underground “world” of people who were doing incredible, almost unbelievable things. Writing 1,000 word well-researched blog posts nearly everyday of the week. Producing academic research papers for their PHDs in record time, and even cranking out newsletters that were so well done, I couldn’t fathom how any one person could write with such detail and expertise… and so quickly!

I devoured every course, every podcast, every book, and even hunted people down on Twitter and jumped on Zoom calls with them. I wanted to learn every trick in the book. I had no shame anymore, I was enamored with a new concept of Effortless Output, Getting Things Done, and the idea of creating a “2nd Brain”. More on that soon...

I went crazy buying everything I could to learn about this new world...

By the time I was done, I’d spent well over $5,000 on books, courses, live cohorts, private podcasts, and even some one on one coaching learning all about this new world of writing fast.

There was only one problem - the world I entered was one of productivity experts, academics, and programmers - NONE of them knew anything about writing copy and ads.

It was up to me to take this system and combine it with my 15 years of experience as a top copywriter and marketer. So, that is what I set out to do.

But Why Is Copywriting So hard?

Ask yourself this question. Why is copywriting so hard? Why does it feel like pulling teeth to go from a blank page to a finished sales letter? Even sitting down to write an email to promote your product or service can feel like a daunting task.

Many copywriters just think that’s the way it is - that’s the way it has to be. Writing is hard and we write ads and it’s hard.

Business owners think the problem is because they “aren’t writers” or they just don’t know how to “sell” people with their words.

Others just don’t want to come across as sleazy or cheesy and sound like a late night infomercial.

But, those are all just manifestations of the real problem. The real problem that plagues copywriters and business owners and freelancers alike is not the writing or the words or any of that “stuff”.

Nope, the problem is not having a reliable system that you can use again and again to create high converting copy. You may have heard this before, but some people say that the word SYSTEM stands for:

Save Yourself Stress Time, Energy & Money. And it’s true. That’s really what a system is meant to do. Think about your current “system” for creating ads. If you’re a copywriter it might involve doing a little research, throwing some notes into a Google Doc or Word file.

Then, you sit around and mull over what you should write about for a few days. You may wait for inspiration to strike then you write a few words and call it a day. Repeat this process enough times and you’ve strung together something you can send off to your client.

When you don’t hear back from them it’s most likely because it didn’t convert. Or even worse you do hear back and they ask you for the dreaded rewrite - and of course they aren’t going to pay you again - why should they? In many ways, you sold them a defective product. OUCH.

Or if you’re a business owner, maybe you spend days staring at a blank screen. You want to say the write thing but you just don’t even know where to begin! Writing isn’t your thing, besides you’re really busy anyway!

Maybe you go out and hire a copywriter. You spend a LOT more than you were expecting (us copywriters are really good at charging high prices haha). And what happens? They send you a HUGE form to fill out anyway!

Heck - if you knew all that you’d just write the copy yourself. So, after a few painful back and forth email sessions, you finally get something back from the copywriter. It’s not what you want, it doesn’t feel like you or your brand, and even worse it doesn’t convert.

The copywriter says something about “bad traffic” and you just move on. You either try again with another writer or just give up.

Sadly, for copywriters and business owners alike - this is the system they have set up for themselves. Because even if you think you don’t have a system, guess what? You do! And your system will pretty much get you the same result again and again.

If you have a bad system - you get bad results

If you have a good system, you get good results. 

I know it’s common sense, but this should have you jumping for joy. Because, once you discover a copywriting system that actually works, that’s when the fun really begins.

So, let’s talk about what it takes to FINALLY have a reliable way to produce high converting copy like clockwork.

It's The System, Stupid

I get it. Anyone and everyone has tossed around words like “systems” forever. But, I’m going to show you, here and now, inside my copywriting system so you can see how it works, why it works, and more importantly, how it can work for you.

This is the answer you have been looking for. This is what took me from a burned out business owner who had given up on writing copy to pumping out sales letters, emails, blog posts, and so much more effortlessly.

In fact, since I discovered this system I went on to:

Write the Facebook ads that helped to stabilize and grow my 7 figure health business… (we’ve 5X’d our sales in a little over a year)
Write 2 Weekly Newsletters for copywriters and business owners
Write Multiple Weekly Marketing Emails
Write 3-4 Blog Posts Per Week (BIG POSTS)
Write a 10,000+ Word Blog Post full of copywriting tips that now ranks #1 on Google…
Write a new sales letter for my supplement business which is currently converting at more than 10% on email traffic…
Oversee and edit the copy of multiple full time copywriters who work for me PLUS 2 others who are working for me on contract
Launch 2 new companies including an investment fund and a SAAS
Invest in multiple up and coming companies like Gumroad & a Tim Ferriss Backed Startup

And I did all this while never stressing or struggling with what to write about. What surprised me most wasn’t that I could now write sales letters fast and easy. I wasn’t shocked that I could produce ads for Facebook and Google in a fraction of the time. I wasn’t even surprised that writing long form blog posts felt fun and simple.

What actually did blow my mind was the sales letters. Not only the speed or even the quality. But the conversions. I was brought up in the hard-knock school of copywriting. If it wasn’t painful to create - it wasn’t gonna convert.

This new process was the EXACT opposite of my previous copy experience. Not only was I writing more copy, faster, and easier than ever before - the ads I wrote now were resonating with my audience more than ever.

More comments, more clicks, more leads, more sales

And i owe it all to 3 simple rules


Never Start From A Blank Page


Write With “Lego Blocks” NOT An Etch-A-Sketch


Make Sure You Never Lose An Idea, Note, Or Thought Again

Let’s unpack those real quick. RULE # 1 is simple enough in theory. You shouldn’t start from a blank page. But how do you actually do that? When I interviewed all those academics writing about neuroscience and advanced mathematics and programming I made a discovery.

The “brilliant” ones who produced true works of genius weren’t “creators” they were compilers. They basically read books, listened to audiobooks and podcasts, and read scholarly articles. They chose these “sources” because they contained the information they needed.

Then they jotted down ideas and thoughts from these multiple sources and disciplines. When it came time to write they NEVER started from scratch. In fact, they almost “wrote” as they went and they had more than enough ideas to work with.

One of the biggest complaints I heard from this group was that they had so much they wanted to write about and they had such a backlog of ideas they were sad that they couldn’t get to it all!

Imagine that - having more than enough material to work with so that writing is effortlessly putting together other people’s work and putting a spin on it to make it your own!

And that leads us to RULE # 2. Write with Lego Blocks… not an etch-a-sketch. 

I may be dating myself here a bit, but when I was a kid we had this toy called an etch-a-sketch and you basically would spin these two knobs in order to create something.

It was hard work, sometimes taking hours or even days of intense focus and dexterity. And when you were done you may have this beautiful piece of art. But, then what happened? Well, you would shake the etch-a-sketch and all your hard work would vanish. Erased. Gone in the blink of an eye.

That’s how we tend to approach our copywriting and ad creation. We put in all this work creating a work of art (at least we think so anyway) only to lose it all the moment we’re done. 

When you create your ads using the old Copywriting 1.0 paradigm - which I call the Etch-a-Sketch Method, you end up working hard once then erasing all that hard work.

The new model, the one that gets results, that’s backed by years of scientific research by professors like Dr. Sönke Ahrens is to use what I call the Lego Block Method.

If you have to manually draw a tower using an etch-a-sketch it could take hours. If you use Legos, it could take minutes. Why? Because legos already exist. You don’t have to create them from scratch.

You just go to your “Lego” collection and choose the right legos for the job. And over time, you get faster and faster as you know where your legos are and what you’ve used them for in the past.

With the system I discovered, I create little “Lego” like blocks of copy that I have one click access to. I drag and drop the legos in the right order, make a few edits, and voila... I have a near-instant and definitely effortless sales letter.

This “Lego Block” system is how one of my students Gerald wrote a 5,000 word sales letter in just 37 minutes. Really, he timed it. Now, obviously you have to learn my simple process for creating these blocks.

It involves doing some very basic research following my 6P Framework. 


Once you start building blocks your ability to write high converting ads FAST and EASY compounds.

And that brings me to RULE # 3 - Make Sure You Never Lose An Idea, Note, Or Thought Again. 

This one is painfully obvious, but I want you to really think about it.

How many great ideas have you had while driving in the car, on a walk, or in the shower. You mean to jot them down but then you forget them. Or, how about this one. How many books have you read and when you’re done you can barely even remember what the book was about?

How many podcasts do you listen to full of great ideas that never amount to anything?

To put it another way - aren’t you sick of consuming tons of interesting information without it having a meaningful impact on your copy or your business income? I mean call me crazy, but if you’re anything like me you probably read articles everyday, books every week, listen to podcasts and audiobooks in the car, and yet - what becomes of all that information?

For me - it was truly “in one ear and out the other”. Until, I discovered my copywriting system. This system leverages technology and tools that make capturing ideas, notes, thoughts, book and podcast highlights, pretty much anything you want - EASY and automatic.

I cringe when I think about how much information I’ve lost over the years. Book ideas, winning headlines, great leads, incredible guarantees, products that will never see the light of day - all because I didn’t have my Copywriting System setup.

The 3 Commandments?

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. RULE # 3 is the most important of them all. And it comes down to what I call the 3 Commandments of Rule 3. You must have a system in place to COLLECT information that can be used in all your advertising. You must then be able to CONVERT that information into “Lego Blocks” of copy that you can use time and time again.

And finally, you must be able to CLASSIFY this information into what I call the “Infinite Folder System”. This is the part of my system that blows people away. It’s such a leap into the future and it’s the secret sauce that makes copywriting so simple, so easy, so fast, so unbelievably effortless that it almost defies logic.

Right now you most likely open a blank google doc and start typing. You hope and pray the right words come to you as you blindly battle the blank page. I’ve been there and it’s no way to live your life, trust me!

With the Infinite Folder System, every piece of knowledge you gather or create from anywhere in the world (online and offline) is magically transported to one central “brain” that you can access from anywhere.

Say you need to write an ad about a coaching or consulting business. You can literally type in the word “coach” and in a matter of seconds see everything you cataloged under that word.

If you need to write about a certain supplement, you type in the name of the supplement and there you’ll find every study, every chart, every note you’ve ever written down about that subject.

And perhaps even more importantly - all your notes are interconnected. Almost like a Wikipedia page where different thoughts link together. This takes writing ads from messy and boring to magical and fun. Copywriting is no longer a chore, but a playful discovery of ideas, notes, concepts, headlines, leads, and more.

And if you’re a business owner, it’s even better. Because this Infinite Folder System includes all the best, highest converting time-tested templates. You just type 2 keys on the keyboard and press enter - and the templates appear - like magic.

You fill in the blanks with your existing Copy - the Lego Blocks - and BAM - Sales Letter complete.

I could go and on about how wonderful this system is and how much it’s changed my life and how much I believe it can change your life… but this report is getting way too long already.

How My Breakthrough Can Increase Your Bottom line

You see, when I set out on my journey of discovery to solve my own problem, I wasn’t trying to do anything other than help myself. Once I uncovered that underground world of academics and productivity nerds, I was hopeful I would find someone in the copywriting world who had been there before me so I could just “copy” their hard work.

Unfortunately for me, I was the first one from the “business” world and especially the copywriting world to find this subculture. After spending thousands of dollars and countless hours I knew what I had to do.

There was no “out of the box” solution. I had to take these two worlds - the world of “knowledge management” and copywriting and combine them. I was the midwife to this new baby, a baby that held the hope to make my copywriting and business work easier and better than ever before.

And thankfully, after months of trial and error, paid consultations with a programmer from the UK, a Stoic Philosopher from Amsterdam, a high-energy attorney from Texas, and watching way too many YouTube videos from a genius Japanese kid…. I put it all together.

I had a system that took the best of both worlds… knowledge management & copywriting. When I put it to use in my own business with my own copy and content I was blown away. I started making more money than before, wrote more content, got more positive feedback, and had more fun than I have had in years writing copy and selling products online! (obviously I can't guarantee your results)

I mentioned what I was working on in a small underground forum and to my surprise I got a ton of positive feedback from people who asked me if I could help them set up this copywriting system for themselves.

So, I opened up a small beta group and almost right away I sold 50 spots! It was crazy! So many people told me this was exactly what they were looking for. They were business owners, freelancers, copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs who had struggled for years with having a systematic, proven, time-tested process for writing ads and copy that just worked.

I didn’t have plans beyond that first group, but the feedback was so amazing and the testimonials so strong, I felt like I had to share this with anyone and everyone I could. I gave it to my in-house copywriters and they loved it. That’s when I knew it was time to release this to the world.

But first I needed a name for this system. I knew it combined the methodology of what is known as 2nd brain systems along with copywriting. 

So, I started calling it my Copywriter Brain. And the name sort of stuck.

Introducing Copywriter Brain...

So allow me to introduce to you the one and only system of its kind. My Course - Copywriter Brain. I know I am biased but I firmly believe that this course can change not only your copywriting ability and your business income, but also your entire life.

It’s worked like magic in my own life and in the lives of many people I’ve shown it to. But, what exactly is the Copywriter Brain course and what’s in it? Let’s look at it now so you can decide if this course is for you. Spoiler alert - if you want to write copy with ease, obliterate the blank page, see your conversion rates increase and your stress levels decrease - it’s for you.

Copywriter Brain is an 8 Module Course with each module building on the module before it. I’ll briefly run through each module and give you the high level overview of what you’ll discover in each module:

Module 1: How To Ethically Steal All The Copy & Ads You Could Ever Want!

First up we have Module 1 - Copywriting Research Overview. If I were to rename this module I could call it “How To Ethically Steal All The Copy & Ads You Could Ever Want”. 

Because in reality, that’s what this module is all about. I walk you through all the best places online (and offline) to uncover great ideas and studies and sales copy that you can just “take” from.

Obviously, you can’t just copy/paste it but you can have so much information at your fingertips that the blank page is DESTROYED forever.

Once you get through module 1, here's how your life will be easier...

You’ll have a list of “hidden” honey holes to collect all the research and knowledge you could ever want to write high converting ads
The blank page will be a memory, you’ll never struggle with writer’s block again!
You’ll have a new problem - your mind will be buzzing with so many ideas you won’t have enough time to write everything you want!
You’ll have the framework in place to quickly write well-researched, high quality, high-converting copy for the rest of your life.
And More!

Module 2: The New Paradigm Of Copywriting

In this module I really break down what it takes to mentally move from Copywriting 1.0 to the new paradigm which I call Copywriting 2.0. You’ll discover the power of compounding network thought, how to build your own Wikipedia to make copywriting fun again, plus you’ll learn about the power of Atomic Notes.

This module will give you the clarity to shift from the old way of thinking and writing into a whole new world of possibilities.

Once you’re done with this module you’ll have at your fingertips:

How to create notes for “future you” so you  never lose a single note or idea again
How to use the power of “time travel” to  make your copywriting future proof
The secret of Bi-directional thinking and how this magic power turns you into a copywriting wizard
And much more

Module 3: Copywriting As A Research Factory

Then there’s Module 3 - one of my favorite modules! It’s called Copywriting As A Research Factory and this one is next level, if I do say so myself. You’ll quickly discover that writing copy is just like running a factory. Your “product” is words and you are the plant manager.

You’ll learn how to set up your factory fast and easy so you have a system that practically runs itself. Again, some of this may sound unbelievable but you’ve got to see this module to really understand how powerful this new way of thinking is.

Once you’ve watched this module you’ll know:

The 5 Phases Of Copy Creation - A Process I call DOC Dr. - once you have this tool in your arsenal you’ll never struggle with “ideas” again
How to use “Brute Force” Exposure to write sales letters, emails, and other types of ads about topics that you previously knew nothing about! In as little as an hour!
Why the best way to write new copy is to deconstruct old copy. You’ll know exactly how to do it and “ethically steal” what you need to write killer copy
And much more

Module 4: My Favorite Spots For Knowledge & Information Gathering

Then, in module 4 we’ll go on a tour of all my favorite “hot spots” where you can grab all the knowledge and information you could ever want. In fact, I give you 20 different places to go to uncover all the things you need to know to write amazing copy.

In this section I also reveal my real “secret sauce” - the 37 ingredients that go inside every successful sales letter I’ve ever written or reviewed. Once you have these ingredients you no longer have to guess or wonder if you’ve written a good sales letter. In fact, if you’re nodding along as you watch this video it’s because I’ve already covered 31 of the sales ingredients so far.

You’ll also start writing your first Copy “Lego” blocks here in Module 4.

When you’ve consumed module 4, you’ll be able to:

Break down a sales letter into 37 ingredients so you can quickly and easily build a sales letter by going out and collecting the proper ingredients
Properly tag and catalog all your knowledge so it’s instantly discoverable for any of your future projects
Access & Use which can be used to and just about anything you want to write!
And much more

Module 5: The magical tech stack

Here’s where the Copywriter Brain course leaps ahead of any other copywriting or marketing course out there. Sure, there’s other copywriters sharing templates and teaching their copywriting methodology.

But NONE of them show you how to leverage existing technology to make what they teach faster and easier and ultimately more effective. In this section, I show you exactly how to use 10 different tools to make copywriting so much more enjoyable and easy for you.

See a quote you like as you read an article? Highlight it and in one click automatically have it saved to your “Infinite Folder” system. Reading a book on your kindle and think the story would be good for an email? Highlight it and like magic it appears in your Infinite Folder system aka your Copywriter Brain.

You don’t have to use all the tools, you can just choose the ones that are right for you. But, this module takes you from “theory” to action really fast. If you’ve ever bought information before and not put it into practice - this module will change all that for you.

You literally can follow along and create the ultimate “capture” system so fast you won't believe it.

When you’ve finished this section you’ll have:

The top 10 tools that make copywriting with the Copywriter Brain system fast and easy
The Secret Software Behind the “Infinite Folder” system so you never lose information or knowledge or ideas again

Exactly how to process information and turn it into copy ready words for your sales pages, emails, blog posts, and more
And much more

Module 6: The Infinite Folder System

This is where the magic happens. This module is all about Using The Infinite Folder System. I want you to imagine a filing cabinet. You know how if you put something in one folder, then it can’t be in another folder right?

Pretty obvious. Therein lies the problem with copywriting 1.0 - the old way. Let’s say you find a great case study to help you sell one of your products. Where do you file it? It’s a case study, but it’s also about financial services, let's say. You may create a folder for the project and put it under Case Studies.

But later, when you go to find it again - you most likely have no idea where it is. If it’s in Google Docs good luck finding it again! Did you share it with someone else or did they share it with you? Who knows!

Using this software I call the Infinite Folder System solves this problem forever. It allows you to sort and file your information in as many places as you want without creating a single file or folder. It's designed to work just like your brain works. So when you go to find a topic later you just type in a word or two and there’s what you’re looking for. And the best part - this all happens inside of one system. You never have to leave to look for anything!

After you’ve watched this module you’ll have:

All your notes, research, ideas, copy, even tasks if you want - inside one place.
Everything you’ve written or created is literally one click away from you so you can find it and use it faster and easier than ever.
How you can create, recreate, copy, paste, and use the Lego block system to create your own copywriting materials with near effortless output
And much more

Module 7: Copywriting In The Copywriter Brain System

This is where the rubber meets the road. In this module we put it all together and start writing ads with this new system setup. This happens faster than you ever thought possible because I did all the hard work of trial and error.

You will see exactly how to set up a copywriting project, how to pull from the Copywriter Brain so you never start from scratch, and how to properly “clean up” your Copywriter Brain to keep it humming like a well oiled machine.

You’ll discover the 10 steps to producing killer copy that converts inside the Copywriter Brain system. I’ll also show copywriters how to set up clients and templates for tracking all your work.

For business owners and freelancers, you’ll get the complete methodology for writing ads using all the templates I created for you to make copywriting fast and easy.

When you’ve finished this section you’ll be able to:

Write high converting copy by simply pulling together Copy blocks
Cheat by using proven copywriting templates provided by some of the world’s best copywriters
Have the confidence that you’ll never struggle with copywriting or even writing in general again!
And much more

Module 8: Putting It All Together

And then finally, there’s module 8 where we recap everything together and make sure you are ready to “fly” on your own. This is a shorter module but you’ll also learn how you can start creating your own templates and processes to really make the Copywriter Brain system your own.

Ok Mike - This All Sounds Great! But How Much Is It Gonna Cost Me?

At this point, you’re probably wondering about cost. I know that’s where my mind would be going right about now. I’d be thinking sure Mike this all sounds great - and obviously I want a copywriter brain system - I mean who doesn’t!

But how much does it cost?

Well, let me say what it won’t cost you. It’s not gonna cost you $25,000 which is what I paid for my 12 months of copy coaching from an “A-Lister”. It’s not gonna cost you $10,000 which is what I paid for a year mastermind in a copywriter’s club. It’s not gonna cost you $5,000 which is what I paid one copywriter to write one sales letter for me.

It’s not gonna cost you $1500 which is what I paid to attend the “knowledge management class” where I learned about a lot of the technical side of my Copywriter Brain System.

In fact, the entire system isn’t even gonna sell for the magic guru price of $997 even though that’s dirt cheap if you think about the fact that once you have a Copywriter Brain system you have so much more opportunity in front of you.

If you’re a copywriter, you’ll be able to write more copy, better copy, copy that converts because you’re hitting on the right message… and you’ll be able to do this faster and easier than ever before. 

And if you’re a business owner, freelancer or Entrepreneur you can save money by not having to pay expensive copywriters like me… or one guy I know who charges $50,000 for one sales letter!

No, the truth is, I didn’t create this product to get rich. I already do very well now with my multiple businesses. I don’t want to give it away obviously because I’ve poured my blood, sweat, and tears into this.

So, after a lot of back and forth, I’ve made the decision to allow you to purchase the Copywriter Brain program for a one time price of only $497. But, I am running a special right now which knocks the price down even further.

I you are ready for a copywriter brain that makes writing high converting ads, blog posts, sales letters, YouTube scripts, and really any kind of writing you may do nearly effortless than click the button below right now and place your order.

You’ll get the entire Copywriter Brain course for only $497 $197 One-Time. Less than $200 bucks which is cheaper than you’d pay for one mediocre copywriter to write you 3 emails. And instead, you’ll have the ability to crank out as much copy as your heart desires - faster and easier than you can possibly imagine.

If you prefer, I’ll even let you spread the payments out over 3 months, so you can get full access to the Copywriter Brain course by making your first payment of only $75.00 today.

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Covered By 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Your Order Today Is 100% Guaranteed

I don’t want you to have any fear or worry about this decision. That’s why your purchase today is backed by my 100% money back guarantee. Buy the course today, try it out for up to 30 days. If you don’t like it, don’t want it, don’t like the sound of my voice, whatever!

Just let me know and I’ll refund your order right away. I don’t want your money, I want you to get results. So, you can rest easy knowing that you have no risk today whatsoever. In fact, I’m taking on all the risk because that’s how much I believe in this course & program.

So, go right now, while it’s fresh on your mind and get the course. Click the BIG button below and place your order right now. You’ll be taken to the secure checkout form. This video will continue playing.

Fill out your contact information. Enter your credit card details and click order. 

You’ll get an email confirmation right away with your login information.

That email comes from me so if you have any questions along the way you can shoot me a message and I do my best to answer ASAP. Also, if you decide the course is not for you, just reply to that email within 30 days and let me know and I’ll refund you no questions asked - and no bad feelings at all.

I want you to be happy and more than anything I want you to write HIGH CONVERTING KILLER COPY that gets RESULTS for your business. That’s my goal for you with my course. Because I think back to a couple years ago when I basically quit writing copy. 

Had I not found this system I don’t know where I would be. I don’t want anyone else to have that feeling of despair or doubt any longer. You really can write better ads, ads that actually work and grow your business - when you have the right system to follow.

I believe that system is Copywriter Brain and it can help you write high converting copy faster and easier than you ever imagined.

So click the button below right now and place your order.

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Paid in 3 payments of $75.00

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$497 $197

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Covered By 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Check Out Some Testimonials From Satisfied Students

You can join the likes of Gerald who emailed me to let me know that he followed my system to write a 5,000 word sales letter in 37 minutes.

Or Max who knocked out the whole course in a day and told me that he now for the first time ever doesn’t feel nervous about starting on a new copywriting project. He feels like he has the ability to write about any topic with confidence. He, like many of my other students, has obliterated the blank page!

And there’s many other testimonials like Omari who said it was eye-opening for him even though he’s been a pro copywriter for 8 years! Or James, who said my course has been a godsend to his whole team.

Tell-All Interviews With The World's Top Copywriters

And if you’re still on the fence, I want to let you know about a fast action bonus for signing up for the course right now. I am including 12 more additional training featuring 7 A-List Copywriters &  5“2nd Brain” experts.

I really wanted to over deliver on this product. I'm a sucker for providing value and probably should charge a lot more but that's not my goal here. I really want to make copywriters better.

So, I went out and got all my Copywriter friends to do some interviews all about how they tackle their copywriting projects. And this list of copywriters includes some famous A-listers.

Here's the list of the Copywriters I was able to interview and make a part of this amazing program:

Kim Krause Schwalm (A-Lister) and I talked about how she does research and how she chooses a star supplement when she has to do a health promo.
Kevin Rogers (Copy Chief) and I talked about how to conduct interviews and the secret lesson we can all learn from Stand up Comics
Chris Von Wilpert shared his content research secrets plus how he exploits a weakness in Google search to get FREE traffic
Derek Johanson (Copy Hour) talked about how to find old sales letters for inspiration and how to really know your audience
David Garfinkel (A-Lister) Shared His Strategies For Research And Really Homed In On Finding The Big Idea Behind Every Promo.
Russ Reynolds (health copy genius) shared the exact sites he uses to do research and
Brian Kurtz (COO Boardroom) went over how Copywriters can get more freelancing work (this is a must-watch if you want more work!)
PLUS... I interviewed 5 other 2nd Brain experts  all about how they use the Brain software so you can use it for other areas of your life as well - not just copywriting)

How To Build Out Your Freelance System To Get More Clients

This is a new bonus I am just adding now. I get asked all the time how to get more clients. While I never focused particularly on getting clients, I recently created a product with some copywriters who have built up quite a system to finding, attracting, and closing copywriting clients.

Most of these clients stick around too. So, if you want to improve your ability to write copy that converts & learn time-tested strategies for getting more clients, then grab the full Copywriter Brain course now. I'll also include (FREE) the trainings on how to build out a Freelance Client Attraction System.

So, if you want those bonuses, then go ahead right now and click the button below and place your order. Remember you are protected by my 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose or worry about.

You can let me take all the risk to prove that what I’m saying is true. Get started building your own Copywriter Brain today for only $497 $197 or just 3 easy payments of $75.00. It doesn’t get easier than this or more affordable to learn how to create a copywriting system from an 8 figure business builder and copywriter.

$497 $225

Paid in 3 payments of $75.00

Full Course Access

Covered By 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Be Up & Running In A Few Hours


$497 $197

1 Payment (Save Money)

Full Course Access

Covered By 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Be Up & Running In A Few Hours

The Choice Is Yours...
And Yours Alone

At this point, you have a couple of choices ahead of you. You can close this video and go on with your life. If you’re a copywriter, you can go back to Google Docs and blank pages, and random notes stuck here and there.

You can go back to reading books you forget about, listening to audios you don’t remember, and even worse creating research that you use once and never see again.

That's' the easy path in many ways, because you don’t change and you just accept that your copy is what it is and that it’ll never get easier or better.

If you’re a business owner you can continue to write copy that doesn’t work, or hire expensive copywriters who end up letting you down again and again. Again, that’s the easy choice.

But it's not the right choice.

The other option is to try Copywriter Brain out for yourself. Take it for a 30 day risk-free test drive. If this course and system isn’t everything I’ve said it is, then just email me and tell me you want your money back.

The old way is full of risk. Do you want to continue on with life as it has been? Do you want all your copy projects to be a struggle? Do you want to start every new sales letter staring at a blank page? Unsure of what to say next?

You have two choices in front of you. I think the safer play is to try out Copywriter Brain and get an edge and an advantage over your competition today.

So, the time to act is now. Click the order button below and place your risk free order. Compared to what I’ve paid to uncover this knowledge, the price you’re paying today is a drop in the bucket.

And remember you should consult with your CPA, but in the USA this should count as a business expense which means a tax write-off. And what better way can you invest in yourself, your business, and your future than getting a Copywriter Brain right now.

Click the button below now and place your order. We’ll have your Copywriter Brain up in no time flat. Just remember, everyday that goes by is one more day of “lost knowledge”... books you’ll never remember, articles you won't recall, notes you’ll misplace.

Once your Copywriter Brain is turned on, it’s like an information magnet - collecting all your memories, notes, knowledge, and ideas and sending them to one central place where they will live forever… ready to be used by you to create the highest converting ads you’ve ever made.

So, go ahead and click the button below right now and fill out the form to place your order. 

I want to thank you for reading this report and I’ll see you inside the Copywriter Brain course!

$497 $225

Paid in 3 payments of $75.00

Full Course Access

Covered By 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Be Up & Running In A Few Hours


$497 $197

1 Payment (Save Money)

Full Course Access

Covered By 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Be Up & Running In A Few Hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some answers to some frequently asked questions. I’ll just go ahead and read them off to you if you’re still on the fence for whatever reason.

Are There Any Other Expenses?

As part of the tech stack I recommend, there are some additional expenses, but not all are required. The main things I recommend you get are 3 different softwares at $15/month, $7.99/month and $2.99 per month. If you're a serious copywriter or business owner who wants to save hours and time, these expenses are minimal. Also, each of these tools comes with free trials.

What Exactly Will I Learn?

You will learn how to conduct thorough research and most importantly what to research when it comes to the research and work it takes to writing high converting copy. You will also learn the exact process on how to build a copywriter brain from A to Z. I give you videos on how to use all the tools and software so you never have to worry again about taking notes and losing them or starting from scratch. It's the most complete course ever created on the copy creation process. (In My Opinion).

Do I Need To Be A Full Time Copywriter?

Not at all. If you are newer but want to get faster and write copy easier, this course will be great for you. It's all about improving your research efficiency and writing faster because you'll have an ever expanding database of knowledge to pull from - knowledge that you build upon every single day as you complete your assignments.

Will This Course Make Me A Better Copywriter?

I think so, but I'm biased. It's not diving deep into the how to write copy - though we do cover a lot of this material still. But this course mainly focuses on the process of writing copy. From research to output. It's very much a "workers" course... It gives exact techniques and strategies to build a Copywriter Brain to pull from so you can write faster and more efficiently without facing a blank screen or the blinking cursor of doom.

How Is This Different Than Any Copywriting Courses?

As far as I know this is the first course of its kind. Pretty much every copy course out there teaches copy techniques. And believe me, I've bought them all. I've probably spent over a quarter of a million dollars on copywriting courses and books.

But this course focuses on process and technique. It shows you how to conduct research and create BIG ideas you can use to stand out from the crowd. It allows you to build your own Wikipedia-like database to pull copy and research from.

What if I'm Not A Copywriter? Is This Still For Me?

If you're not a copywriter, this course may still be a good fit for you. The way I've structured this course, it’s good for marketers, growth hackers, content creators, and business owners who need to produce copy or content on their own.

In short, if you need to steadily product sales, marketing, or content to attract eyeballs to your company, then Copywriter Brain will help you tremendously.

What If I'm Not Happy With The Course?

Well, if you're not happy, I'll probably cry a little bit. JK JK. Seriously though, you are protected by my 30 day money back guarantee. You can get a full refund any time for up to 30 days after purchase. I only want you to keep this course if you love it. If not, just email me and let me know and I'll cheerfully refund every penny. I only want happy students!

Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes, here are a few disclosures I want to make sure you see:

No income claims are being made or implied. I only work with existing business owners or freelancers who are growing their business. If you are brand new, this is not for you. 

Furthermore, if you are selling products or programs that violate the law in any way, shape or form, do not buy my course. I only want to help real people selling real products that help customers. Thanks for understanding!

What Is My Next Step?

There is nothing left to see here. Your only remaining step is to click the button below and place your order for Copywriter Brain Now! Don’t miss out on the best price you’ll ever see this course for plus the fast action bonuses. Click the button below and order now.

I’ll see you inside the course.

$497 $225

Paid in 3 payments of $75.00

Full Course Access

Covered By 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Be Up & Running In A Few Hours


$497 $197

1 Payment (Save Money)

Full Course Access

Covered By 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Be Up & Running In A Few Hours

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