“They Said I Couldn’t Write Good Copy Because I’m Not A Native Speaker. But Here’s How I Proved Them Wrong... And How You Can Too!”

Confessions Of A
Third-World Copywriter

Make sure your volume is turned up. Press play. Enjoy.

If you’re a non-native speaker and you’ve been struggling to get clients who will pay you good money for your copywriting services, then what you’re about to read will be an absolute game-changer.

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The number one secret to getting hired by clients & businesses in the U.S., U.K., and how other non-native speakers like you are getting paid good money to write copy. (Figure this one out, and clients won't think twice about hiring you.)
You'll also discover what none of the big-name copywriters will ever tell you about writing copy as a non-native speaker. (How could they share this - all the "gurus" are from the USA/UK/Australia!)
And why it's NOT about knowing all the copy secrets or strategies (in fact, not knowing this may be to your advantage)
I'm also going to show you a sneaky way to get ahead of native speakers who are usually more proficient than you in the English language.

I know this is hard to believe if you’ve followed all the guru’s advice. 

If you’ve been cold-emailing hundreds of prospects but getting ghosted… or applying for copy jobs on Upwork and Cult of Copy... or even providing value in some Facebook groups - without any tangible results to show for it… it’s hard to believe that this will work for you. 

And that’s why I’ve teamed up with two non-native speakers like you, who have made enough money as copywriters to quit their jobs. They’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the direct response industry. And today, you’ll get a chance to discover everything they know.

But before I move on, who is this for?

Well, this letter is  for following people...

Non-Native Copywriter

You’re a non-native copywriter looking to write copy for native speakers (i.e., clients based in the U.S., U.K, Canada, etc.).

Have Some Experience

You’ve taken some copywriting courses or read some of the recommended books but you’re still struggling to get clients.

English Needs Improvement

Prospects tell you “you write in broken English,” “your English isn’t good enough,” or any variation of that.

Want To Make
More Money

You’re a non-native writer looking to write copy for native speakers and make decent money.

If any of these describes you, then this is for you. You’re about to join other non-native speakers whose copywriting careers have taken off by following a simple formula created by and exclusively for non-native english speakers/writers.

So, who am I and why should
you listen to me?

I’m Mike Giannulis, and I’ve been in the direct response industry since 2006 -- both as a copywriter and a business owner. 

I’ve launched and scaled multiple successful offers in different niches. But that’s not the most interesting part.  

You see, over the past few years, I’ve hired over 50 copywriters for my businesses. 

From people at the top of the game like  “Million Dollar Mike Morgan," Jonathan Boyd, Gerald McDonald, Jordan Mederich of DropFunnels, Jerrod Harlan... to intermediate and beginner copy cubs. 

I’ve also worked with some non-native speakers. 

And I’ve observed some of the things that automatically put some copywriters ahead of others when I’m looking to hire someone to write some copy for me. 

These are certain “signs” I look for before I hire a new copywriter, especially if they are from a country outside of the native English speaking area.

And after interacting with hundreds of other business owners, I realized that most of us are looking for the same things when hiring a new copywriter. We’re all looking for certain “hiring signs”.

What’s sad is, most copywriters never discover these signs - which is why they rarely get hired. But today, you’ll have the chance to discover them and use them to get yourself ahead of other copywriters.

But Here’s What’s Really
Interesting For You

 I’m not alone in my goal to help non-native speakers turn into world-class copywriters; I’ve teamed up with two non-native copywriters like you: Dammy Azeez, and Krishna M.P.

Dammy Azeez is a direct response copywriter based in Lagos, Nigeria. He started without any samples, and no mentors to guide him. 
He would send hundreds of cold emails and apply for jobs without getting any response. And he wasn’t helped by the bad perception people have of Nigerians. 
But over the past two years, he’s worked with some big names in the direct response industry. And he’s highly rated by big names like John Caprani and the legendary David. L. Deutsch. 

He has also built an amazing network of people - from A-list copywriters to direct response business owners - who consistently refer their friends to him because they trust him to deliver.
Simply put, he has built a system and network of people who keep giving him more projects than he can handle.

And Krishna? 

Well, Krishna's a 19-year-old email copywriter from India. He only started writing copy for clients last year - in the middle of the pandemic with no samples, testimonials, mentor, or network

But things got interesting when an A-list copywriter was impressed by his hustle and decided to give him a shot. 

Fast forward 1 year...

Krishna's now worked with 7 and 8-figure e-commerce companies & two direct response brands. And just like Dammy, he made some money, a TON of mistakes, and learned a lot of lessons too. 

And right here, on this page, you’re going to discover the ONE mistake that prevented them from growing faster. They believe it’s the number one reason why most non-native copywriters struggle to get clients. 

And as someone who hires a lot of copywriters, I totally agree with them.

So, what’s the number one reason why most non-native speakers struggle to get clients?

Well, first, it’s not about discrimination or poor copywriting skills or anything like that. 

And here’s why: 

You see, when you’re just starting out, you’re like a raw diamond (that needs to be polished and refined before it can truly shine). You’ve probably read some copywriting books or taken a copywriting course by now - which means you know the basics. 

You know how to come up with great and compelling copy ideas. And if you look at some of the headlines you’ve written, you’ll probably agree with me here too. You understand the basic persuasion techniques involved in writing good copy. 

You know some of the proven copywriting formulas like AIDA, PAS, etc. (I know because most non-native copywriters I’ve met know how to come up with good copy ideas). 

But why are clients not jumping at the chance to work with you - even when you charge lower fees than everyone else?

The simple answer lies in one word:


You see, as a business owner myself, I only hire copywriters who can write copy that feels like it’s written by me. I want my audience to feel my voice and connect with my brand through the copy/content that I put out. 

And because a native writer from my country would have more understanding about our slang words, our culture, and little nuances in the way we speak... it’s usually easier for them to replicate my voice than for a non-native writer to do so. 

So, there are more native speakers who can get the job done than non-native speakers... simply because they’re more connected to my audience and their copy sounds and feels more familiar. 

But on the few occasions where I find a non-native writer who can pull it off and write copy that feels and sounds like it’s written like a native speaker… it just makes sense to hire them. (Because… why not?)

This is exactly how most business owners who hire copywriters feel. (At least the ones I’ve met over the past 16 years)

They want someone who they can trust to deliver good copy. And they’re willing to pay good money for it. 

Most of them don’t care where you’re from or what you look like - as long as they believe you can deliver well-written copy that gets them more sales, more leads, more subscribers, etc. 

But remember, you’re competing with native speakers who can relate with them better and even meet them in person.

And that’s why the number one thing you have to do is…. 

Learn How To Write Copy In A Native Voice

You see, one quick way to bridge the trust gap is to acquire and deploy a native voice whenever you’re writing, i.e., write the way they talk, and the way they write. 

Once you can write copy that feels and sounds like it’s written by a native writer, you’re no longer different from a native writer.

As Dammy puts it:

“I wished I had known this earlier because I thought I needed to learn the latest copy hacks or take the latest copy courses. 

But boy, was I wrong!

I got ridiculed by a prospect for writing in ‘broken English’. It just didn’t make any sense to me because I thought my grammar was fine… and I got insecure about it. But then I decided to compare my copy with the other ones published by this prospect.  Turns out he wasn’t entirely wrong. I noticed that something was off. The voice of my copy was totally different; it sounded… Nigerian. 

There and then, I remembered the classic copywriting advice to ‘write like your audience talks’. And that’s when everything started making sense. I spent months and months trying to acquire a native writing voice, trying out different exercises. 

And once I figured out how to write in a native voice, things started to fall in place. I won more projects - which allowed me to grow fast, raise my fees, and quit my shitty job as a gas station attendant. (Seriously - I only made $50/month at that job!)

Plus, after seeing that I could write as well as any native writer, my clients referred their friends to me - which opened up some massive opportunities for me. 

Now, I get more projects than I can handle.”


ABC Method

And Krishna says:

“I thought learning Native English was for chumps who are terrible at it. I mean...I was fluent at speaking and writing English in school. Heck, my teachers even praised me for my English. And cuz I was better at English than the average non native speaker, I thought English won't EVER be a problem for me. 

(SPOILERS: It was!)

This belief was later reinforced when some gooroos started spreading this lie:

'You don't need to be good at English to make money as a Copywriter.' I believed this bullsh*t for 6 months. Believing this lie was one of the biggest reasons why I was rejected for most jobs. And even in the rare occasion where I was accepted for a job, my copy chief pointed out my sh*tty grammar. He said he didn't wanna waste his time fixing my silly English mistakes. I didn't pay attention to it cuz in my mind I was the kid who got praised for English in school. And I was also using grammarly to fix my grammar mistakes, so I thought there was NO WAY my English was sh*t. 

So I never listened to him and continued with my sh*tty English.

Guess what?

They fired me after the first month! (And considering how bad my english was back then, I'd have fired myself too, lol). But I didn't learn my lesson yet and kept making the same mistake for months. Until I got the golden opportunity to work with an 8 fig direct response brand. They were looking to onboard a new Copywriter to their team and we're willing to pay upwards of $5000+ royalties/month. This opportunity had the power to take my Copywriting career to new heights.

So I gave it my best!

The biz owner asked me for samples, I shared it with him. He looked at them and said something along the lines of…

"I can see you're trying to use advanced Copywriting principles, you have nice copy chops & great potential!"

But then he outright refused to hire me and stripped me away from a $5,000+ Copywriting deal. He said he didn't wanna hire me because my copy didn't have that "Natural Rhythm", that "Native Tone." And that's when it all clicked for me!

That's when I realized the mistake I had been making for past 6 months. I realized...I didn't know sh*t about writing like a native speaker. And if I want to make serious money then I HAD to fix it!

So I got my act together and prioritized learning native English over Copywriting for 2.5 months. In those 2.5 months I tried almost every single method in the book. Then realized most of them weren't that great (because they all were too vague and didn't help me understand the nuances of native English)

So I had no other option than to create my own method if I wanted to master native English. This new method drastically improved my English in less than 4 months. And the results? My Copywriting skills started improving at an exponential rate (which was freaking awesome). This allowed me to write better copy, in almost half the time with lesser mistakes. And because I wrote like a native speaker, friends from US, UK & Australia didn't have a problem referring me clients.

That helped me land a 4 fig retainer with a really awesome client who works with fortune 500 companies. And I'm on track to making some serious money this year (way more than what an average Indian makes). And I can say it with full conviction that it wouldn't have been possible without learning native English.

Seriously, I know non-native Copywriters who've wasted months learning all kinds of Copywriting techniques, tricks, hacks... Applied for a ton of jobs but they haven't even made their first dollar yet! And you know what's common in almost all of them?

Their English sucks!

So, take it from someone who lost a $5,000+ deal because of bad English, if you wanna work with native clients who pay well... Then learning how to write like a native speaker should be THE FIRST thing on your list!”


ABC Method

When you look at the massive transformation Dammy experienced once he started writing in a native voice… and how Krishna went from a struggling newbie copywriter to someone good enough to work with 7 and 8-figure businesses… you’ll see that learning how to write in a native voice is the single most impactful thing you can do for yourself as a non-native writer

  • First, you’ll generally become a better writer. 

  • More prospects will be willing to give you a chance.

  • Clients will refer you to their friends because they trust your ability and they know you’re gonna deliver.

  • As a result, more opportunities will open up for you. 

  • And you’ll be able to charge higher fees because you now have options.

It’s pretty easy to see why it’s such a game-changer

Oddly, none of the copywriting experts are talking about it. Literally, no one out there is teaching this stuff. 

So, Why Is No One
Talking About It?

Well, the answer is simple. 

Think about your top 10 favorite copywriting gurus. How many of them are non-native speakers like you? 

Probably none, right?

And that’s why no one is talking about it. They’re native speakers, and they grow up among their fellow native speakers. Which means they naturally write like their audience talks. 

All they had to learn were the persuasion elements needed to write compelling copy. They’ll teach you most of the things you need to know about selling with written words.

They’ll teach you how to create strong, attention-grabbing headlines... how to write spell-binding leads… they may even give you all the tested and proven formulas for writing good emails and Facebook ad copy… etc. 

These things are vital for selling in any market. 

If you took these ideas and apply them to a proven niche in your local dialect... you’ll probably make some good money. 

But if you’re looking to write copy for clients based in the U.S., U.K., Canada, etc., then you need to first learn to write as they talk. (And remember - these markets are where the big money jobs are).

Most copy gurus didn’t have to learn it because it comes naturally to them. 

So, they won’t know what it feels like for someone like you who’s trying to do it from somewhere in Nigeria, Ghana, India, Japan, South America etc. 

And that’s why you can’t find any material around it out there.

I Decided Someone Needed To Step Up And Help The Community Of
Non-Native Copywriters!

After thinking about this for some time, I wanted to do something to help.

So, I teamed up with both Dammy and Krishna… and they agreed to share how they quickly picked up the skills to sound just like a native born English speaker. 

Dammy and Krishna didn’t just say yes, they practically screamed it! They were so excited about the chance to help the community dramatically improve

They believe that most non-native writers (like you) are making a big mistake by trying to follow what native writers are doing… without first learning how to write like these native writers… and you have nobody to tell you about it (since most gurus are native speakers)

This can delay your growth by years - leaving you frustrated and questioning whether you can really make a full-time income as a copywriter. 

That’s why they’ve decided to share all their secrets for acquiring a native writing voice in a new one-of-its-kind program called.


The ABC Method is a comprehensive program containing everything you need to accelerate your progress as a non-native writer. 

And it’s based on three GOALS:

Acquire Native Voice:
Here, you’ll discover how to acquire a native writing voice.

Build Out Your Freelance System:
This is where you’ll discover how to set up your freelance system (in a way that makes prospects trust you) so that you attract more opportunities and accelerate your growth. Every non-native writer needs this. This is one of the most important steps you must take to grow your freelance copywriting business. 

Create An Unfair Advantage:
Inside this section, you’ll discover everything you need to do to stand out and make clients want to hire you ahead of most native writers. 

Here’s a more detailed overview of what you’ll find inside these sections:

Section A:
How To Acquire Native Voice

This section is entirely about how to acquire a native writing voice i.e., learning how to write copy in a way that feels like it’s written by a native writer. It’s the most important thing you need to learn as a non-native writer. 

If you want to work with clients/businesses in the U.S., U.K., Australia, etc., and have them pay you well... then you have to write to their audience like you’re one of them -- which means writing in a native voice.

It’s very simple. 

And that’s what the first section of this course (A) is gonna be all about: How to acquire a native writing voice... and how to make sure no one can tell your copy is written by a non-native speaker. 

This module is created by Krishna. He sounds so much like a native speaker I thought he was from America until I learned he was Indian!

And here’s what you’ll discover (in his own words):

The 3 Step Language Ladder that allowed Krishna to work with 8 different 6 & 7 fig brands WITHOUT the fear of being judged for his English (WARNING: This'll make learning English fun & fast process)
Why following conventional advice like; "watch American movies, TV shows, learn new words, phrases & slangs" DOES NOT WORK for most non-natives… and 3 things you should focus on instead. 
Is this the MOST important component of learning & mastering Native English? (Only God knows why no one’s talking about it).
SPOILERS: This is what allows the top 5% Non-Native Copywriters to work with native clients and charge premium fees… while the remaining 95% get rejected again & again from jobs they were “qualified” for.
THIS "Reality Principle" is the reason why non-native copywriters write lackluster copy that kills their chances of working with native clients.
An underrated FREE tool that gives non-native writers a MASSIVE head start on American culture!
Use this "Typical Timeline Template" to catch cool cultural references that'll help you sound native (FUN FACT: I leveraged this template to write a fun email to Stefan Georgi… and it helped me land an unexpected $1,800 copywriting opportunity).
What can these “funny” guys teach you about sounding native? (HINT: *Almost* everything you need to know about writing like a native speaker is hidden right before your eyes).
Leverage these multi-billion dollar companies to inject INSTANT FAMILIARITY into your copy (Pro Tip: Use it to write relatable examples, analogies, jokes & drop cultural references to engage readers).
While looking for Subway Conspiracies… I found 3 nerdy channels that'll serve you cool cultural references on a silver platter. Use them wisely and it'll be hard for natives to not feel like you are one of them.
DO NOT ignore these 69 BATSHIT CRAZY ideas if you wanna crush it as a non-native Copywriter. (You’re probably ignoring more than half of them).
DON'T SKIP this part if you wanna write relatable copy that engages your reader… (Pro Tip: Leverage it to write analogies, relatable examples, or crack jokes in your copy).
These fun journals are overlooked GOLD MINES of cultural nuances and mainstream American beliefs. Use this knowledge wisely and you'll start writing copy that sounds native, hits deep emotional pain points, and makes native clients wanna hire you again & again!
#1 lesson you MUST keep in mind if you wanna understand the American culture, sound native and CRUSH it as a non-native Copywriter.
A quick & easy YouTube hack to find cultural nuances sitting on your couch!
(It's so easy but works so well!)
The P.V.S.S Filter - AKA the only 2 things you need to focus on to drastically improve the "Nativeness" of your writing.
The real reason why your writing sounds like "Broken English" EVEN with the right words, phrases and grammar… and how to fix it!
All non-natives MUST focus on these "Unspoken" rules to write like a native speaker.
Watch me as I SHOW you how to pull out phrasal verbs & uncover new native English insights from YouTube videos (Probably one of THE MOST useful things you'll learn in this module).
Here's how I leverage discussion videos and my "Part Of the Discussion" technique to improve my English on the fly.
Watch over my shoulder as I pull out new phrasal verbs, make insightful comparisons (native VS non-native version of the same sentence) and rapidly improve my English on the fly!
(The MOST powerful exercise in this module, improves English rapidly, DO NOT SKIP!)
How to make your own Yankee Swipe File in less than 2 mins.
Are movies & TV shows the only way to improve English? Nope!
See how I leverage YouTube to rapidly improve English on the fly, you'll learn:
THE BEST kind of videos to watch if you wanna improve your English in a fun & fast way!
Do THIS 3 Step "Part Of The Discussion" exercise to rewire your brain to think & talk like a native speaker! (DO NOT SKIP!)
ALL non-natives make this FATAL MISTAKE (unconsciously). And it’s one of the main reasons why you struggle to write like a native speaker. (Fix it and half the battle is won!)
Uncover new native English insights with the "Comparison Exercise" (This exercise alone can teach you *almost* everything you need to learn & master native English).
Watch and discover how I do the "Comparison Exercise" to slowly install a Native Speaker's writing pattern in my subconscious mind (STEAL THIS!!!)
7 different types of YouTube channels you can watch to be entertained AND improve your native English AT the same time! #7 has NEVER been discussed in the context of learning English...which is beyond me cuz it's so damn powerful! (HINT: It's NOT Podcast, that's way too obvious)
Watch me as I pull out phrasal verbs, cultural nuances and learn native English from FB posts & comments.
I'll also show you how to extract phrasal verbs and learn native English from Emails too.
BONUS 1: 6 tips & hacks that'll help you write better copy, fast with fewer mistakes.
#6 is an EXTREMELY powerful hack that I have NEVER shared with anyone outside my inner circle. I consider it my "Secret Weapon".  Use it ONLY when you want to write emotionally charged copy that'll squeeze primal emotional reactions from the reader. It helped me land a gig with Todd Brown's former CMO… and I believe it'll be a game-changer for you too!
BONUS 2: How did I DRASTICALLY improved my writing in just 180 days… I'll show you where I went wrong, what I would fix, how I would write it today, and a bunch of other stuff that I learned along the way! Then I'll show you probably my best piece of copy to date. It's a story lead that won me a gig with Todd Brown's former CMO. So yeah...kinda big deal.

The information in this section is more than what you need to transform your copy with a native writing voice. But that’s not all we’re gonna show you. The next thing you’ll find in this program is...


Just one of the many testimonials we've received, from a student who used just ONE of the MANY exercises that are taught in this First Module of the ABC Method. He asked his client for feedback and this is what his client said:

"Your writing was great, I was almost thinking this is a conspiracy and you are secretly living in America and writing as a native English writer!"

Andrew r.

Email Client

Section B: How To Build Out Your Freelance System

You see, once you develop that native proficiency... the best way to set yourself up for success is to have a system in place that lets you build trust and get a steady flow of projects from clients. 

And not just all types of clients, but the ones who will not only pay you well but also appreciate your work and introduce you to more potential clients in their network. 

When you’re starting out as someone from a country like India, Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, etc., most people won’t trust you. And that’s okay! 

It doesn’t mean you’re a victim or anything. 

To them, you could be another internet scammer in disguise. I mean, just imagine how vulnerable they’d be if they go around trusting everyone they meet online. 

So, you have to win that trust. You simply can’t skip this part if you want to succeed as a copywriter. 

Here’s what Dammy will show you in this module (in his own words):

The age-old marketing rule to build a trust-based freelance system and make prospects want to work with you.  If you only base your system around this rule, you’re gonna go far… and fast!
The PROVEN four-step formula to follow if you’re just starting out as a non-native copywriter. (Do this, and you’ll get an opportunity within the next 30 days)
How to figure out the best niche for you... and fast!
“Make-or-break” factors to consider before you decide to niche down. Skip this step, and you’ll miss out on a ton of great opportunities.
The most effective hack for significantly reducing the time you spend on each project. (A-List copywriters swear by it)
A super-effective and simple way to avoid getting overwhelmed when you’re trying to get clients fast. 
Want to get good really fast? Discover a simple way to supercharge your progress and get to work with better-paying clients.
The SECRET OBJECTION most clients have about hiring you. (Guess what? They’ll never mention it). 
Use this proven Facebook Group hack to get prospects to reach out to you for projects.
It’s so effective, I got more inquiries than I could follow up, and I am booked up two months in advance
Do this immediately after you get clients from a group to open up more opportunities fast!
(If this trick doesn’t get you an additional client, then reach out to me and I’ll personally offer you a refund). 
A stupid simple hack to instantly get people in a Facebook group to like you and want to connect with you. (This is the easiest way to build rapport with any group admin and grow your network fast! And it works even if you feel you don’t have valuable posts to share.)
The single biggest mistake most non-native writers make when interacting with prospects. It’s the fastest way to get ghosted by prospects. (You’re probably making this mistake right now.)
The number one way to make your prospects see that you can write compelling copy.
HINT: It has nothing to do with your copywriting portfolio.
My secret “alter-ego hack” for writing like your audience or your client. I discovered this after many trials and errors and I’ve never heard any guru mention it. 
How to develop your own unique native writing voice. (Every great copywriter has their own unique writing voice, and it’s a pretty good way to stand out.)
A quick and easy shortcut for writing in your client’s voice. Do this before sending any piece of copy to your client. 
How to minimize your prospects’ risks when you’re just starting out -- to make them want to hire you. HINT: It’s not a money-back guarantee. 
The easy non-aggressive way to get your clients to refer you to people in their network.
My gun-to-the-head to client outreach method. If I had to get a client today and my life depended on it, this is what I'd do. (It’s so effective, I have a 100% hit rate with it).
Don’t have samples to show your prospects? You’ll discover how to handle it like a boss!
The worst type of client for you when you’re just starting out. (HINT: They pay less and they’re more demanding).
BONUS: Video recordings of my one-on-one call with a newbie non-native copywriter (like you). I answered some of the questions you may have in mind here. And guess what? He got a client just a few days later! 


"Mike I got a client and all this is thanks to you and Dammy!"

ayoub illaoui

freelance copywriter

Once you use this information to build out your freelance system, more opportunities will open up for you. But you still need a competitive advantage over other copywriters who are just like you (especially the native speakers). 

And that’s what the next section is designed to do.

Section C: Create An Unfair Advantage

Remember you’re starting the race behind native speakers... That’s because they already understand the culture, the language nuances, the slang, etc. of their audience. This automatically puts them ahead of you initially, which means they’re more likely to get hired. 

But guess what? You haven’t lost the marathon.

By learning how to write in a native voice, you’ve evened the playing field. And setting up your trust-based freelance system already puts you slightly ahead of 90% of copywriters. If this is all you keep doing, you’ll have a strong foundation for a great career as a copywriter (or any type of writer for that matter).

But because we want you to dominate; and not just participate… I’m gonna show you how to create an unfair advantage for yourself.  You see, over the past few years, I’ve hired over 50 copywriters for my businesses. So, I’m gonna approach this from the perspective of every business owner like me who works with copywriters. I’ve observed some of the things that automatically put some copywriters ahead of others when I’m looking to hire someone new. 

And after interacting with other business owners, I realized that most of us are looking for the same things when hiring a new copywriter.  But what’s sad is, most copywriters never pay attention to these things - which is why they rarely get hired.  

So, I’m gonna be sharing everything with you in this module. 

I’ll also show you...

How to go from a beginner to a good copywriter within 3 to 6 months. 
3 Deadly Mistakes New Copywriters Need To Watch Out For: One of these is why most beginners get ghosted all the time by business owners (including me!)
5 important traits I look for in a copywriter: Most business owners wouldn’t even think about hiring anyone who doesn’t possess one of these traits.
Plus, super easy ways to build these traits if you don’t already have them.
How to increase your value and become indispensable for your clients (this one trick has me paying copywriters to keep writing for me long after the first project is done.)
Two embarrassing ‘creativity’ mistakes copywriters make that repels clients from hiring them again.
How to turn your mistakes into mastery. This will raise your value to your clients because it shows them you have good problem-solving skills.
The common mistakes to avoid when interviewing for copywriting jobs. I’ve done hundreds of interviews so I share exactly what you MUST know.
A super-honest way to get an edge when applying for copywriting jobs. This HACK is a game changer.
How to write winning proposals that'll show your prospects what you can do for them...
Being a newbie is supposed to be a disadvantage, right? Well, I’ll show you how to turn it into your biggest advantage.
A simple way to avoid losing clients due to your payment method. Often overlooked - this is a factor business owners consider that most freelancers don’t even think about - until it’s too late!
Avoid THIS first draft mistake if you want to get off to a great start with your new clients.
Honest and less aggressive ways to ask for referrals and get more clients fast!
Simple things you should do to improve your copywriting skills within the next 3 months or less.

This module is packed with proven strategies for accelerating your growth. It’ll give you a clear perspective of what most business owners have in mind when they’re trying to hire a copywriter… as well as how to place yourself ahead of the vast majority of copywriters out there. 

Taking The Next Step

Once you have your ABC in place - which means... 

You’ve Acquired a native voice and you now write like a native speaker.
You’ve Built your trust-based freelance system.
You’ve Created an unfair advantage by knowing exactly what business owners want when it comes to hiring.

If you implement these things… your prospects will trust you more…  they’ll see that you can deliver good copy that looks like it was written by them... and it’s gonna make so much more sense for them to hire you. 

You’ll get more opportunities, and you’ll get to raise your rates enough to make a full-time income as a copywriter. 

Maybe you’ll even decide to quit your job like Dammy did; maybe not. 

But I want you to experience all the benefits that come with being a non-native writer who writes like a native writer… I want you to see how things fall in place when you have your freelance system working for you…

Just imagine...

Having the potential to make more money than the average American - while living in a country with lower tax and lower costs of living.
Living like a king and still having money left over to help your loved ones.
Making enough money on a one-week project to cover your monthly expenses.
The freedom to choose which projects you want to take on.

Now, obviously we can’t guarantee success or results in your business, but all of this is possible once you get traction in your freelance career. 

Now let me be up front with you:

Because you’re just starting out, it’s not gonna be a walk in the park. 

You’re still gonna have to implement everything I show you… you still have to do the work you’re getting paid for. But if you consistently deliver what your clients want and more... and you may just get rewarded with a $1k to $3k a month retainer within six months - which makes it totally worth the effort. 

Now, you’re probably wondering what it will take to get inside this program. 

First you should know that the information in this course can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. It’s a result of countless hours of trial and error, sleepless nights of practice and a ton of mean words from prospects. Dammy and Krishna both lost projects worth thousands of dollars because they couldn’t write in a native voice... and their copy sounded a bit “off” to their prospects.  

Based on that alone, this information in this program is easily worth thousands of dollars - especially when you add up the projects you’d have lost. And because of that, we originally planned on charging $197 for access to this program. We figured that’s what some gurus charge for their copywriting course… even though it is NOT a conventional copywriting course. 

But after a few Zoom meetings… we realized that getting the information in the ABC Method into your hands wasn’t really about money. I’m making more than enough money from my other businesses… while Dammy and Krishna are making the most money they’ve ever made in their lives. 

So, why be greedy about it?

Especially when they know what it feels like getting ghosted by prospects without knowing what you did wrong… sending hundreds of cold emails with only two or three responses - which never really lead anywhere… These guys know what it feels like getting your copy ridiculed and feeling so insecure about it that they just wanted to quit. 

Pretty difficult place to be!

That’s why getting the ABC Method into your hands is about MUCH MORE than the potential money you can make by charging more for your services. It’s about showing people that non-native speakers can also write as well as native speakers. It’s about giving you control over your copywriting career by showing you the important things that no one is talking about. And given all of that, there’s simply no way I’m going to ask you to shell out nearly half a grand for this program – no matter how sincerely I think it’s worth it.

Instead, and only if you act right now while this website is still online… you’re going to be given instant and unrestricted access to the entire ABC Method. With all the valuable information you need to acquire a native writing voice - from people who have done it.

How to set up your freelance system (in a way that makes prospects trust you) so that you attract more opportunities and raise your fees...

As well as everything you need to do to stand out and make clients want to hire you ahead of most native writers. (From the perspective of someone who hires copywriters - me)

And we’ve decided to price it so low that ANYONE can afford it.

How low? 

Well, we’re practically giving it all away for just $197

That’s less than most ebooks cost these days. And that’s 90% off the price we wanted to charge to begin with!

And if you consider how much growth you could experience in your copywriting career when you know how to write like a native speaker... you’ll see that this is an absolute no brainer. 

It’ll pay for itself over and over. 

For example, knowing how to write copy in a native writing voice could be the difference between winning or losing a retainer for $1000 a month

Clients will feel more comfortable about hiring you… and when you deliver, they’ll happily put their reputation behind you - by referring more people to you. Our goal is that you look back at the day you got this course and you say to yourself that it’s the best investment you’ve made this year. 

Now here’s a disclaimer: 

This program is NOT the usual training on how to write copy. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s probably not the best fit. You need to know what copywriting means and have a basic understanding of the principles of good copy before taking this program. But if you’re looking to know how two average guys learned how to write copy like a native speaker (and how you can too)... Then this offer is for you.  

To get started, simply click the big yellow button below. 

Once you do, you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page, where you’ll enter your order details.

Then as soon as you’re finished, you’ll be taken to a special welcome page I've set up… where you’ll be given INSTANT access to the entire ABC Method

From the special welcome page, you’ll be able to view everything; 

The videos, the materials, everything you need to know about writing like a native speaker and becoming a well-paid non-native writer. Right from your computer, phone, or tablet.

And on top of all that…

Your decision today to prove the prospects who ghosted you wrong, and learn how to write in a native voice comes with one more BIG perk.

Our Full 60-Day,
100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how that works:

Right now, you only have to take a test run of the ABC Method.

You do that by clicking the yellow button you see below this video, and completing your order. Then, enjoy your instant access to all the information inside… And commit the next 30 days to implementing everything as instructed.  Do this, and after the first 30 days, take one of your old samples and compare it to the copy you’re writing now. 

If you’ve implemented the strategies shared inside the ABC Method… like

How to leverage multi-billion dollar companies to inject INSTANT FAMILIARITY into your copy -- with relatable examples, analogies, jokes & drop cultural references to engage readers.
The 3 nerdy channels that'll serve you cool cultural references on a silver platter.
69 BATSHIT CRAZY idea sources for transforming your non-native-sounding copy into a masterpiece that’s relatable to your native audience.
How to leverage discussion videos and the "Part Of the Discussion" technique to improve your English on the fly.
How to make your OWN “Yankee Swipe File” in less than 2 mins. (You can even set a stopwatch for this.)
How to leverage YouTube to rapidly improve English on the fly -- including the BEST kind of videos to watch if you wanna improve your English in a fun & fast way!
The 3 Step "Part Of The Discussion" exercise to rewire your brain to think & talk like a native speaker!

… and so on.

If you’ve implemented these strategies… then you’ll notice a dramatic difference in your copy... and it’ll be clear as night and day. 

You’ll see for yourself the exact reason why prospects kept ghosting you again and again. But, if for any reason you don’t notice any difference…or if you just didn’t get any opportunity after implementing the trust-based freelance system. Simply send an email to the address I give you inside the special welcome page... And I will refund your entire payment.

I don’t think that will happen, because it’s virtually impossible to NOT see the difference in your copy.

But I don’t want you to even hesitate for a SECOND here… especially because I’ve seen firsthand how effective this information can be.

For example, this entire page of copy was written entirely by a non-native speaker just like you. 

So go ahead and get started now with your 60-Day, 100% Risk-Free Money-Back guarantee by clicking the button you see below this video right now.

This letter is almost finished, and the choice is yours.

You could let it end, and then just leave this website and go on with your day. If you do that, more power to you, it’s your life my friend. But before you do, just think about it for a second…

What will change if you don’t take action today?

Are you happy to continue getting ghosted, and turned down by people who should be excited to work with you?

Are you completely and utterly financially secure, that you don’t even need to make money as a copywriter?

Is an extra $1,000 to $3,000 in monthly income something you don’t really care about? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this risk-free offer that’s right in front of you.

So get started now by clicking the button below… And I’ll meet up with you on the special welcome page of the site in a moment from now.

On behalf of Dammy, Krishna, and myself - we look forward to seeing you inside and working with you as you take your copy skills to the next level!

Mike Giannulis
Tarpon Springs, Florida

PS - For those of you who join the program and complete the course. Once you submit your copy samples to Dammy, Krishna, and myself… we will review them and potentially offer work to those who qualify.

I can’t promise work, but between the multiple companies I own and the people that I know, I will do everything in my power to help open the door for you to getting paid gigs.

So, take action right now and get the skills you need to grow your copywriting business FASTER than you ever thought possible.

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