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"Write Converting Ads Without The Stress"

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Imagine sitting down to write your next email, sales letter, webinar, or content piece. But instead of staring at a blank page, you enter into a "2nd brain"... sitting down to write your next email, sales letter, webinar, or content piece. But instead of staring at a blank page, you enter into your "2nd brain"... a Wikipedia-like database that includes every piece of copy you've ever written, plus all your research, your big ideas, your notes, and ANYTHING else you want. Never look at a blank page again! There's no need to imagine this dream any longer, it's here now and it's called Copywriter Brain.

Make sure your volume is turned up. Press play. Enjoy.

For a limited time only - Lowest Price Ever Offered!

The Simplest Way For Copywriters & Marketers To Have One Click Access To All The Copy & Research They Ever Create.

Let's get real for a second, shall we? Odds are, you spend a lot of time researching for your copywriting jobs. This includes time researching the product you'll be selling, the audience you'll be selling to, plus time spent creating an avatar and some "big ideas" to make your copy stand out from the crowd.

You work hard on this copy, maybe even spending WEEKS on it. You probably copy/paste a ton of websites, images, links, charts, graphs, reports, case studies, testimonials, ideas, thoughts, prayers, whatever... into a Google Doc that ends up looking something like this:

What Most Copywriting Research Looks Like

That is a 26 page Google Doc of my notes on "beef liver" for a sales letter I wrote for one of my companies.

I took all these notes and then promptly forgot about them. They were tucked away neatly in my Google Drive where they remained untouched. Sort of like a box in an attic. I knew where they were, but I never used them. 

I grew tired of doing the same research again and again... tired of always starting every copy job from a blank page.

I set out to find a better way so Copywriters like me and you could work hard once, then work smart for the rest of our lives.

The Problem With Copywriting:
There's No Order, No Structure, No Way To "Reuse" Your Copy Or Your Research

If you're a pro copywriter (or just getting started) you really have two different jobs. The first is that you have to get really efficient at quickly learning everything there is to know about the new product or service you're selling. You have to find the right stories, the right testimonials, the big idea, the hooks, the angles, the sales argument, the offer, the close, the guarantee, and so much more.

This is your first job.

Then, you have your 2nd job... the job that everyone sees and all the Copywriter Gurus teach. And that's the Copy Writing. And yes, it's true, copywriting is an important job, but it is really just the manifestation of all the hard work and dedication you put into doing the research. And sadly, we never get told what a great job we did in research either. In fact, some business owners question why we can charge what we charge when all we're doing is "writing a few pages".

If they only knew...

The Copy Our Clients Or Customers See Is The Tip Of The Iceberg... But Submerged Below The Frigid Waters Is All That Research

We spend up to 80% of our time researching and learning as Copywriters. Yet, we only get paid when we turn in copy. That means, if you want to get paid more, you need to produce more copy. There's no way around that. And that is why I created Copywriter Brain.

Copywriter Brain is a system that helps copywriters research faster and more efficiently. It also gives you all the tools you need to collect and save all your research in one place so it never gets lost again.

This is really a paradigm shift because Copywriter Brain is the first product of its kind that isn't teaching you a method or some headline hacks...

Instead, it's giving you a systematic process to improve your copywriting flow. So, instead of focusing on the output, we'll start at the input level.

In order to produce high converting copy, you need to know as much as possible about 4 major areas:

  • Audience - Who you are selling to.
  • Desire - Why your chosen audience would want to buy this product.
  • Product/Service - What you are selling.... all about the actual product specs and benefits.
  • Offer - What you will be charging and what will go into the final product or service.

And that is where Copywriter Brain comes in. Copywriter Brain is a system and a tool to help you streamline the copywriting process from A to Z. 

It's not just another course that talks about how important it is to do research, it actually gives you a full walk-through on what to research, why, and how to convert that "raw research" into final copy that you can be proud of. Copy that actually gets results for your clients, which is what keeps them coming back to you time and time again.

Introducing Copywriter Brain:
Your 'Secret Sauce' To Quickly Creating The Best Copy Of Your Life

The only way to earn more money as a copywriter or marketer is to get more efficient with producing converting copy and also negotiating better rates or royalties.

Copywriter Brain gives you technical leverage to create more copy faster and easier than ever before. Once you have one-click access to all the notes from any book you read, any podcast you listen to or YouTube video you watch... to every case study you've read, and any BIG idea you've written down... you are more more than human - you are now a machine.

Everyone says to watch out, that the AI bots are coming for our jobs. But, I think something else entirely. It won't be robots or AI that take jobs from copywriters, it will be the copywriters who exploit technology to increase their ability to create converting copy faster.

And that's what Copywriter Brain helps you to do. When you join Copywriter Brain, you will be in an elite group of people. A group that is leaning in to technology and tools to make your copy stand out from the crowd. If you're looking for your own unique selling proposition when pitching clients, this is it.

Imagine the look on your clients face when they tell you they are looking for some emails for their new lipstick line (as an example). On the Zoom call, in real time, you open up your Copywriter Brain and type in the word lipstick. Instantly, they can see all the material you have written about lipstick, your notes, your research, headline ideas, branding ideas, and whatever else you choose to let them see.

They will be giddy with excitement because they will see that you have already been working on this topic and have tons of great material to pull from. Not only that, when it comes time to write the emails, you aren't starting from scratch. You can actually drag and drop previous pieces you've already written and pull from the research you've already done. So what used to take days could take hours... all because you have a process to capture everything you need and store it forever in your 2nd brain.

Here's Just A Sneak Peek Of What You'll Discover When You Join Copywriter Brain

When it comes to doing research for your next copywriting, marketing, or content assignment, there are three major areas of focus. Discovery, data extraction, and data management.

Discovery is where you uncover as much as you can about the product, the audience, the proof, the testimonials, stories, and so much more. It's the discovery phase where all the magic happens creatively. In the sense that we are loading up our brains with lots of great information and making connections. In Copywriter Brain, I'll give you a massive list of everything you will want to discover in the research phase, which is where great copy comes from. These lists come from my 15 years of experience as a marketer, copywriter, product creator, and now CEO/Co-Founder of several 7 and 8 figure businesses.

This process of collecting the right information as we conduct our research is what I call Data Extraction. This includes taking notes from articles, product pages, scientific papers, interviews, books, podcasts, videos, and other sources like forums, Facebook groups, and social sites like Twitter or Linkedin. In Copywriter Brain, I'll show you step by step how to build a system to make data collection a breeze. Say goodbye to copy/pasting notes from a browser into Word or Google Docs. Instead, you can simply highlight words on a page, and instantly they will be added to your "notes database" where they are insanely discoverable as we'll be tagging all our notes for our future selves to easily find.

Once you've gathered all this data, you then need to create the best way to store it and use it. This is where Data Management comes into play. In Copywriter Brain, you'll set up a novel system to connect all your written information using a new software called Roam Research. 

Copywriter Brain has no comparison because no one has ever created anything like this before. And that's to your advantage because those who are first to move on new shifts in "work-flow" management reap the rewards of being an early adopter.

If you implement the Copywriter Brain system for yourself, you will be years ahead of your copywriting competitors who are starting from scratch again and again with every new piece of sales or marketing material they create.

Copywriter Brain gives you an amazing edge which you can exploit for years to come. Think of this. Most everything we know about Copywriting hasn't really changed in one hundred years. The fundamentals of human psychology are relatively constant, but that doesn't mean we need to continue using old technology like notepad, Word, or Google Docs. It's time we copywriters get into the 21st century and use technology to give us that unfair advantage to crank out high performing copy faster and easier than ever before - and NEVER... I repeat NEVER have to start from a blank screen again.

Here's Why Mike Is The Right Guy To Help You Build A Copywriter Brain...

Look, I'm not one to beat my chest and say how amazing I am. In fact, quite the opposite. I usually keep pretty quiet and just go about my day working. But, I'll take a few moments here just to explain my background so you can know that you are in good hands if you decide to take my course.

First - I've been writing copy since 2006. Back then I was TERRIBLE. Didn't know my head from a hole in the ground, and most of my early sales letters flopped. One time, the day before a major launch, my boss had to rewrite my entire sales letter because it was tanking to internal lists. Super embarrassing.

Thankfully, I kept at it. And by 2010 I was pretty good. I worked with multiple partners and wrote copy for webinars and sales letters that went on to produce millions in sales. (This is not a guarantee you will do that, obviously, just sharing my personal story). Around 2017, I worked with David Garfinkel, a famous Copywriting Coach at a cost of $30,000. It was money well spent, where I focused on how to be a better copywriting coach.

I then hired about 10 copywriters and marketers who worked under me in my new company. We went from 0 to $18MM in sales in less than 2 years. This was all off the back of sales letters my copy team wrote. 

And the copywriters I've trained have all gone on to do some pretty remarkable things. Many have launched their own businesses. Others work for some of the largest direct response brands on earth. 

I have started a new company in a different niche (health) now with a new set of partners. We are already on track to be an 8 figure company after just one year. 

I work as the CEO and also review copy and hire copywriters. I've been working with copywriters directly for 6 years and been writing copy for nearly 15 years. What I'm teaching in this course is real-world information, not theory or some "hack" I figured out 10 minutes ago.

Powerful tools that boost your leads and sales

Copywriter Brain is the "brain" child (lol?) of Mike Giannulis. Mike has been a copywriter and digital entrepreneur since 2006. As a pro copywriter, Mike has built several seven and eight figure companies from scratch.

Mike works as the CEO and Co-founder of Copy Machines (a copywritng and marketing agency). He manages the Copywriters as well as the Culture and Corporate Strategy.

Here's a Video From The Course About The Research Process

This sample video should show you the level of detail that we will be going over in the Copywriter Brain course. I want you to know that you are in good hands and I will do everything I can to help you become a better copywriter and make the job of writing copy easier than ever before.

How To Write Amazing Headlines

This is offered for free on my Youtube channel, but I think you may find it helpful. I just want to provide more examples of my background and experience in teaching copywriting to others.

Whether or not you end up working with me in Copywriter Brain, I hope reading this sales letter is an education itself in "sales through content and proof".

Other Resources to Help You Become a Better Copywriter & Marketer

If you're not quite ready for Copywriter Brain yet, I want to still help. Check out my epic blog post on Copywriting Skills where I provide 21 different exercises to help you improve your copy. Listen to my interview on The Copywriter's Podcast with David Garfinkel on how to productize knowledge. Also, you can check out my interview on Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas.


People Love Us

LOVING the course. On Module 6 Roam training now.  Have about half the tech stack and will get the rest set up this weekend.

You're a great instructor on the topic and I see the potential in Roam thanks to you.

Course is worth far more than the price paid. Saving me a lot of wasted time and mistakes - I appreciate it!

Terral L.

Marketing Director

From teaching copywriting to operating a business & instilling leadership values in me, I have a lot of thanks to give to Mike Giannulis.  The coaching & mentorship I received from him & his leadership has shaped me for the better. On top of that, he is one of the most enjoyable, optimistic people I’ve ever worked with.  if you have the chance to work with Mike consider yourself lucky! 

Gerald McDonald

Copy Chief

I've tried to find a process for doing research from all the big names in copywriting training companies and copywriters, and Copywriter Brain is the best solution I have found! I don't think you'll ever find such a thorough, yet easy to follow process in the future

Sean Z


Max Bernstein

Gerald McDonald

Copy Chief

Inside Copywriter Brain You'll Also Discover:

The magic software that leaves you one click away from every piece of copy you've ever written so you can easily find and use or reuse your best material again and again.
How to find the right audience for the product you are selling in their "native" environment.
The simple 5 step process to effective copywriting research (works like a charm.)
How to create an endless supply of Big Ideas using the power of "Serendipity."
Think copywriting is time-consuming? WRONG. Copywriting can be fast and easy when you are pulling from existing resources. I'll show you how to fill up your copy backlog so you are never starting from Zero.
The guaranteed way to instantly save every note you make on your Kindle and have it in your Copywriter Brain database tagged to the company or project you want to use it for.
How to take great notes using a simple note-taking process first created more than 50 years ago by a German Sociologist (laid out in Section 3.)
The 14 tools that turn you into a supercomputer. And when you combine these tools and build your own Copywriter Brain - you will be unstoppable.
Access to a library of research "metadata" you will need to collect to build truly powerful sales material.
Access to a library of sales letter templates including famous formulas from famous Copywriters. 
A proven project management template to move your copy projects along in an orderly fashion so you can increase "throughput" aka get more projects done in less time.
How to finally escape the suffocating world of "Squares & Boxes" so you can get away from using files to store your copywriting and research material. (Files and folders SUCK!)
You'll be well on your way to lifelong success as a copywriter because you'll be developing your own private Wikipedia-like database of YOUR OWN COPY & RESEARCH.
The EASY way to turn your copywriting jobs into a factory process that streamlines production so you can crank out more copy faster and eventually start charging more for your copy.
Did you know there are at least 20 different "types" of research we can look for? In Copywriter Brain, I go over each of these types and show you how to collect and store this vast amount of research so you will have a plethora of writing material and research at your disposal.
Finally, just to give you an idea of how powerful this Copywriter Brain is... I wrote this entire sales letter in 2 days (about 7 working hours) by pulling from my "Copywriter Brain" database.
And of course, there's tons more... there are over 30 hours of content! And it's not long boring recordings of me doing webinars either, I strive to keep each video around 20 minutes or less focusing on one lesson at a time.

What's Inside The Copywriter Brain Course Anyway?

Copywriter Brain is a course on "process". It's designed to make it easier for you to conduct copywriting, content, and marketing research by streamlining the process by which you take notes. Not only is it focused on the process of research, it also helps you know what to research.
The course is broken down into 8 different sections that focus on different aspects of the program. The 8 sections are as follows:

1. Copywriting Research Overview
2. The New Paradigm Of Copywriting Research
3. Copywriting As A Research Factory
4. What Copywriters Research
5. The Tech Stack To Build Your Factory
6. Using Roam Research (this is the core component and the game changer!)
7. Copywriting In Roam
8.Final Thoughts To Tie It All Together

Now, don't let the simplicity of those 8 sections fool you. This course is explicit. I don't hold anything back and really lay it all out in a step by step method. If this were a "cohort" style course, it would probably sell for $2497 and take place over 5-6 weeks.

Instead, by recording all the material and making it available on your own schedule, obviously, the cost can be a lot more affordable to the masses (and I don't have to show up for 6 weeks of my life doing training!). 

That being said, there are approximately 30 hours of video to go through to set everything up. I highly recommend you watch everything on 2X speed. In addition to the video, I have provided an audio version of everything as well so you can listen to sections in the car or at the gym.

I also paid my nerdiest copywriter friend to go through the entire program and take copious notes on every video so you have full notes on each step. He also included screenshot walkthroughs on how to sign up for every software or tool I recommend.

Last I looked, his notes were sitting at 87 pages long with more being added.

I've also loaded up the course with tons of helpful sales copy and VSL templates that you can use again and again.

And there's the "what to research section" which gives you detailed instructions on what I call the "Sales Copy Ingredients List":

  • Audience 
  • Avatar
  • Big Idea
  • Bonus Items
  • Customer Awareness 
  • Existing Beliefs
    • What They Think Now About The Problem And Solutions Available 
  • Deliverables
  • Discovery Story 
  • Emotional Founder or Creator Story
  • Emotional Proof
  • Existing Solutions
  • Headline Type
  • Hooks And Angles
  • Lead Type 
  • Limiting Belief Chain
    • Points Out Flaw In Existing Thinking
  • Market Sophistication 
  • Metaphors, Parables, and Examples
  • New Belief Chain
    • Creates New Way Of Thinking
  • Objections
  • PAIN Points
  • Perceived Value
    • Increase Intrinsic Value Perception 
  • Product Price 
  • Product Specifications 
  • Product Results 
  • Product Stack 
  • Product Uses
  • Proof
  • Proof in form of Authority
  • Proof in form of Logic
  • Proof In form of Science
  • Sales Argument
  • Scarcity
  • SWOT The Product 
  • Unique Mechanism
  • Unique Problem
  • Unique Selling Proposition 
  • Urgency

I go over each of these in detail throughout the course...

But Wait... There's More!

I really wanted to overdeliver on this product. I'm a sucker for providing value and probably should charge a lot more but that's not my goal here. I really want to make copywriters and marketers better.

So, I went out and got all my Copywriter friends to do some interviews all about how they tackle their copywriting projects. And this list of copywriters includes some famous A-listers. In full disclosure, these bonuses help add up to the 30 hours of the course, but I wanted to highlight them separately.

Here's the list of the Copywriters I was able to interview and make a part of this amazing program:

  • Kim Krause Schwalm (A-Lister) and I talked about how she does research and how she chooses a star supplement when she has to do a health promo.
  • Kevin Rogers (Copy Chief) and I talked about how to conduct interviews and the secret lesson we can all learn from Stand up Comics
  • Chris Von Wilpert shared his content research secrets plus how he exploits a weakness in Google search to get FREE traffic
  • David Garfinkel (A-Lister) shared his strategies for research and really homed in on finding the big idea behind every promo.
  • Derek Johanson (Copy Hour) talked about how to find old sales letters for inspiration and how to really know your audience
  • Russ Reynolds (health copy genius) shared the exact sites he uses to do research and how to converts science into emotion to make sales
  • Brian Kurtz (COO Boardroom) went over how Copywriters can get more freelancing work (this is a must-watch if you want more work!)
  • PLUS... I interviewed 5 other "Roamans" all about how they use their Roam Research (the Brain of Copywriter Brain) software so you can build up Roam and use it for other areas of your life as well - not just copywriting)

Copywriter Brain Sounds Amazing!
But What's It Cost?

Hopefully, you didn't scroll right to this section, but hey, if you did I can't blame you because I do the same thing. Before I get into the price, let me just stress one important point here. This course is a lot more than a course. If you take what I share with you and implement it, you will be making a change to your entire workflow.

If you're writing one sales letter per month, there's no reason you couldn't double or triple that output. The Copywriter Brain system is all about helping you create more copy, better copy, and doing it in a more efficient way. It's not another course on writing headlines aka "Who Else Wants To Write Better Headlines". 

If you're writing copy, you already know the basics. Nope, instead... think of Copywriter Brain as a way for you to WEAPONIZE your words... to help you turn syllables into sales, to turn vowels into victories, and to turn paragraphs into profit (no guarantees of course on financial results).

This system allows you to obliterate the blank page. To rid yourself of that gnawing feeling when you start a new project. What should I research? What's important? What's my hook? My angle? Is there a big idea here that is unique? Is there a story? Where do I go do my research? What format should I follow when I write my content? Is it a VSL? A webinar? A sales letter? Facebook ad? Email? With Copywriter Brain, you'll be setting up a proven process to streamline copy creation.

Look, I work full time as the CEO of Copy Machines. I tweet more than any man rightfully should, I'm an investor, I'm working on 3 books, I consult for a Real Estate Investment Fund, I manage 3 blogs, and post at least one new YouTube video per week. AND I still manage to produce sales copy for the different brands we own ... and in my "spare time" I created Copywriter Brain and wrote this sales letter.

So, bottom line, this system works and has been a Godsend for me. So, with all that out of the way, let's dive into price. As I said earlier, if I did this LIVE I would charge $2497 for a 5-week course. If I did one on one, it would probably be $7500 for 60 days of weekly coaching.

And I promise you it would be worth it if you implemented it. You would have your own note-taking capture system, your own system to organize all your research and copy, plus a time-tested way to take "atomic" notes to create what I call Copy Blocks... individual units of copywriting material that you can use again and again with only minor tweaks.

In short, this course should save you hundreds of hours of research time and give you the ultimate Cheat code - a Wikipedia-like database with all the information connected how YOU set it up.

I packaged this as a course to make it super affordable to get it in the hands of as many copywriters as possible.

I don't want to just sell this course, I want to change the game. I want people to think of their copywriting career as having 2 distinct phases - before having their own Copywriter Brain and AFTER having Copywriter Brain.

It's that powerful for those who take advantage and use it as I lay out in the course.

So, price, let's talk. Obviously, it's not taking any of my personal time (other than the herculean nights and weekends it took to put this course together) so I can pass the savings on to you in that I don't personally have to do anything other than field some support questions (which I'm fine with btw).

Not gonna charge $2497 for this course. Or even the $997 that most courses like this would sell for.

Right now, I'm offering the course for a steal of a price. It's a one-time price of only $197 $97 OR you can break it up into 2 payments of $50.

Really, that's about as cheap as it can get. Think about it like this. This whole program is about 30 hours in length.

That means, when you pay just $97 dollars today, you are paying a whopping 14 cents per minute.

It costs more than that to transcribe a minute of audio.

And you're gonna get much more than a transcript. You're getting a new way to run your copywriting life.

A new way for marketers to save all their research, avatars, audiences, ideas, bullet points, and more.

I don't think I can stress it enough, for $97 this is really a steal of a deal.

But I want to make it completely a "no-brainer" by giving you a guarantee today. 

Your Order Is 100% Protected By My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I'm not even asking you to say "yes" today. I'm just asking you to say maybe. Get Copywriter Brain today, and spend the next 30 days deciding if it's right for you. Technically, you could set it all up and then just get a refund. I am willing to take that risk because I want skeptical people to try this program out. I don't want to "oversell" this program, but I believe it will make your copywriting and marketing life 1000 times easier once you've set up your Copywriter Brain. So, try it out, and if you're not 100% satisfied, let me know and I'll refund you. And you can even keep any of the downloads you've grabbed from me.

And That's A Wrap! (Personal From Mike)

Part of me hopes you read every word of this sales letter. Another part of me assumes you skipped around and are reading this first.  I'm ok with either option.

I just want to reiterate the main gist of this course and why I think it's so important for you to get it today. I get that there are no shortages of copywriting courses to buy. Most of them make you feel really good because they promise the world and end up covering the same stuff. Focus on benefits, not features! Make it about the prospect, give them what they want, tell a good story, hook them with emotion, etc.

It's all true and it works, but you don't need another "how to get better at writing copy" course. You're already good enough. What you need is a system to produce copy faster, more efficiently, and without the stress that comes along with starting every assignment from scratch. Copywriter Brain obliterates the blank page once and for all. Every piece of copy you write from here on out will be available to you just one click away. You've heard the phrase, "you're one funnel away?"... well now all your notes, your ideas, your research, your sales copy... you're just one click away.

It's About Technology Too

And this course is backed up with technology. It's fusing together the best of both worlds. The creativity of the human mind (you) and combining it with the awesome collection and storage power of the internet and technology tools. Together, we are creating the Copywriter Brain.

It's really like turning you into half-human/half-machine (without the painful surgery). You will have an unfair advantage that most other copywriters never will. 

Let's face it, this course (if I CRUSH IT) may sell 10,000 copies worldwide. #hustle

In the US alone, according to Career Explorer, there are 131,000 copywriters. It's safe to assume if you tally up the rest of the world's numbers, a conservative guess would be there are 1 million copywriters working today.

That means, even if I hit my dream goal and sell 10,000 copies of this program... you would be in the 1% of copywriters in the world who have this secret power.

It's an advantage and I really hope you grab it now while you can and while it's fresh on your mind.

Remember, you are fully protected by the 30-day money-back guarantee. So, literally, you have no risk. You either love the program or you get your money back.

Why not at least try it? Why not see the magic that awaits beyond the order button so you can build your own Copywriter Brain and go from regular copywriter to Super Copywriter? 

The Choice Is Yours And Yours Alone...

I won't do the old copywriter trick and tell you that you have 2 paths in front of you, except, actually, yeah I will because I firmly believe it to be true. You can close this sales page and pretend that you never saw it. You can go back to the world of starting from scratch every time you want to create a new sales letter. You can do the same research over and over again. You can read the same case studies, study the same product, and dump all your notes into Word or Google Docs where you'll most likely open them up once a year.

You can return to your old life OR you can move into the future and be on the cutting edge of a new movement. You can be a Copywriter with a Superbrain... A Copywriter Brain that puts your leaps and bounds above other copywriters. 

You can sit down at the computer when you get a new assignment and smile because you know that you've already done a similar project like this one before. You type in a phrase inside your Copywriter Brain database and are instantly greeted with all your research notes, your previous copy, your best-converting sales templates, notes from books on that topic, audio and pdf files you saved on that topic, even podcast episodes that referenced the material is there.

You aren't starting from zero. You're already halfway done and you've just got started! You start dragging and dropping your pre-made "Copy Blocks" and literally build a sales letter faster than you ever thought possible. And the best part is - the quality is the best you've ever done. The research material now available to you allows you to create big ideas, unique mechanisms, and amazing emotionally gripping stories with EASE. You aren't left wondering what to write about, you have so much knowledge in front of you, your biggest struggle will be what to leave out.

Then you turn your copy into your boss or your client and they can't believe how fast you created such compelling and persuasive copy. They'll think you're some kind of genius. And maybe you are, but more than that, you'll smile inside because you know your secret is that you have a 2nd brain working for you... your Copywriter Brain.

That's the choice I want you to make. And for $97 or 2 payments of $50 it's almost impossible not to at least take a chance on yourself and try it out.

Just one extra copy project per month because you can crank out copy or content faster will more than pay for the cost of this course.

Shaving even just a few hours a week off your writing and research time will more than pay for this course.

Getting the peace of mind that you'll never start from scratch again is priceless.

So, those are your two roads. Go back to the old way and keep doing things like you've done them. Or try Copywriter Brain. Get a superpower. If you're not happy for any reason, no biggie, just let me know within 30 days and you get your money back.

Let's do this, you have nothing to lose and a Copywriter Brain to build!


Q.  Are There Any Other Expenses?

As part of the tech stack I recommend, there are some additional expenses, but not all are required. The main things I recommend you get are Roam Research at $15/month and Readwise at $7.99/month. You can also add Instapaper Premium for $2.99 per month. If you're a serious copywriter who wants to save hours and time, these expenses are minimal. Also, each of these tools comes with free trials.

I do have a private FB group that you can pay to get access to later, but that's totally optional.

Q. What Exactly Will I Learn?

You will learn how to conduct thorough research and most importantly what to research when it comes to the research and work it takes to write high converting copy. You will also learn the exact process on how to build a copywriter brain from A to Z. I give you videos on how to use all the tools and software so you never have to worry again about taking notes and losing them or starting from scratch. It's the most complete course ever created on the copy creation process. (In My Opinion).

Q.   Do I Need To Be A Full Time Copywriter?

Not at all. If you are newer but want to get faster and write copy easier, this course will be great for you. It's all about improving your research efficiency and writing faster because you'll have an ever expanding database of knowledge to pull from - knowledge that you build upon every single day as you complete your assignments.

Q.   Will This Course Make Me A Better Copywriter?

I think so, but I'm biased. It focuses on the process of writing copy. From research to output. It's very much a "workers" course... it gives exact techniques and strategies to build a Copywriter Brain to pull from so you can write faster and more efficiently without facing a blank screen or the blinking cursor of doom.

Q.   How Is This Different Than Other Copywriting Courses?

As far as I know this is the first course of its kind. Pretty much every copy course out there teaches copy techniques. And believe me, I've bought them all. I've probably spent over a quarter of a million dollars on copywriting courses and books.

But this course focuses on process and technique. It shows you how to conduct research and create BIG ideas you can use to stand out from the crowd. It allows you to build your own Wikipedia-like database to pull copy and research from.

Q.  What if I'm Not A Copywriter? Who Else Is This For?

If you're not a copywriter, this course may still be a good fit for you. The way I've structured this course, it will also be good for marketers, growth hackers, content creators, and business owners who need to produce copy or content on their own.

In short, if you need to steadily product sales, marketing, or content to attract eyeballs to your company, then Copywriter Brain will help you tremendously.

Q.    What If I'm Not Happy With The Course?

Well, if you're not happy, I'll probably cry a little bit. JK JK. Seriously though, you are protected by my 30 day money back guarantee. You can get a full refund any time for up to 30 days after purchase. I only want you to keep this course if you love it. If not, just email me at mike (at) and let me know and I'll cheerfully refund every penny. I only want happy students!

Q.  What Is Copywriting?

If you need to ask that you probably aren't ready for this course. I'd say start here on my blog and read What Is Copywriting Anyway?

Q.   Anything Else I Should Know?

Yes, here are a few disclosures I want to make sure you see:

Copyright (c) 2022 Mike Giannulis. All Rights Reserved. Please note that some links promoted in the course may be affiliate links and I will be compensated for your purchase if you use my link. 

No income claims are being made or implied. I only work with existing business owners or freelancers who are growing their business. If you are brand new, this is not for you. 

Furthermore, if you are selling products or programs that violate the law in any way, shape or form, do not buy my course. I only want to help real people selling real products that help customers. Thanks for understanding!

Q.  What Is My Next Step?

You've run out of scroll... the only thing left to do is to:

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No income claims are being made or implied. I only work with existing business owners, copywriters, and marketers who are seeking to grow their business. If you aren’t smart and a hard worker, I would peg your odds of success at less than 5%. You’ve got to put in work to build any business. 

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