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  • The Secret To Writing BETTER Ads In Less Time. (My Student/Friend Gerald used this tactic to crank out a 5,000-word sales letter in 37 minutes!)
  • How to streamline your ad and sales letter creation into a “factory” process that works over and over again.
  • The 37 required “ingredients” that go into every sales letter. Once you know these, writing copy is as simple as putting a few “copy blocks” together.
  • Using a “formula” or “template” for your next ad or sales letter never works, right? WRONG. Discover the truth about copywriting formulas and why you MUST use a formula/template if you want your copy to convert.
  • WARNING: Artificial Intelligence is coming to steal your job… unless you know this rarely-discussed strategy…

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Who Is This For?

Discover how to write high converting copy for your clients again and again without starting from scratch. Plus NEVER lose another word again in Google Docs.
Agency Owners
Stop struggling to come up with fresh creative all the time. Have your team use the Copywriter Brain approach and they can crank out really good copy FAST!
Coaches/Consultants/Course Creators
If you've got to sell yourself or your programs, then this might just be the most important workship you attend. Discover how to write a sales letter and ads that sell you without being cheesy or slimy.
Business Owner
It doesn't matter if you're selling local services, janitor work, flowers or food.. every business needs to produce converting ads, coupons, specials, and converting copy. Come learn how to improve today!

Copywriter Brain is the creation of business owner, entrepreneur and 15-year copywriter veteran Michael Giannulis. The mission of Copywriter Brain is to help copywriters, marketers, and business owners create high converting copy using the values of trust, honesty, and value as opposed to the hype, scarcity, and urgency.